5 Ways to Start Your Day Right

How do you begin your day? With peaceful prayer and journaling time? Or in a mad frenzy to get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door? How we start our days can set us up for failure or success, regardless of our life circumstances. Putting some thought into our morning routines makes a lot of sense.

Start Your Day Right!
  1. Get up early enough.
  2. Connect with God and others.
  3. Move your body.
  4. Practice gratitude.
  5. Set a goal.

What do your mornings look like? What works for you, or what have learned about morning routines that helps you put your best foot forward each day? Share your ideas and I will share them with other Girlfriends listeners.


Also this week, I share an email I received from Jenny who is discerning whether or not to begin dating again after a bad experience. I share a little about trusting in God’s plan and how hard that can be sometimes, and I suggest we pray as a community for Jenny this week. If you have thoughts to share on this topic, send me your feedback!

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