How to Handle Criticism #072

This week, we are talking about ways to handle criticism, which is a tough topic because nobody likes to be criticized. When we receive negative feedback, our immediate reaction is often to reject the criticism or brood over it and get angry. In this episode, I give tips to help you handle criticism productively, instead.


4 Ways to Handle Criticism Productively


1) Consider the source.

Is this someone whose opinion is important to you? Do you share values with them? Do you value their input? If not, then forget it, but if so, this is an invitation to deeper reflection.

2) Put it in perspective.

Does one person have a negative opinion while ninety-nine others have a positive opinion? Well then, it may not mean you need to be doing anything differently. There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like what we say or do, but that does not necessarily mean we need to change.

3) Make it an opportunity to learn and grow.

If you determine that the criticism you received is valid and important to consider, then you have a task before you to do just that. Take steps to change or amend your words and actions in accordance with the feedback you have received. Even if you determine that the criticism is not valid or valuable or relevant for you to take action on, you can still take the opportunity to learn to be open to others’ perspectives that are different from yours. You can grow in humility by not defending yourself or feeling like you have to explain everything until everybody loves you and accepts you. There is grace in accepting that not everyone will agree with you all the time.


Once you have dealt with the criticism and responded to it appropriately, do not brood over it or ruminate over your hurt feelings and insecurity. life is too short for that! Learn what you can, grow in whatever you can, and then move the heck on!

We also share an email from listener “Marcy” who asks for advice on feeling “touched out” as a new mom, and listener Amy who was recently inspired to have a “late” Easter egg hunt with her kids to celebrate all 50 days of Easter. 


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