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Aug 14, 2018

Build Community and Stay Connected With Allison Gingras

Danielle Bean

This week we are sharing a conversation I had recently with Allison Gingras about her upcoming series of books, Stay Connected, a wonderful resource for keeping women connected through low-key, low-maintenance Bible study groups.


I also share some feedback from listeners about building community right here at Girlfriends, as well as some thoughts about my recent show about confession. Please join me in prayer for Karen, who is going back to confession after many years and returning to her Catholic faith after being away.


Finally, check out the Catholic Momcast featuring Lisa Hendey and me, available on iTunes!

Some Places I Will Be


September 9-11, 2018: St. Laurence Parish, Sugarland, TX


October 6, 2018: Rhode Island Catholic Women’s Conference, Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul and Cathedral Hall



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