Fight Fair in Your Marriage

Our topic this week is conflict in marriage. How can we handle the inevitable disagreements that come in our married relationships with maturity and grace? I share some ideas for what I consider “fighting fair” but I want to hear yours too! I answer listener Bridget’s recent question on this topic with the following ideas:

1)  No name calling

2) Check in with them about what they are saying

3) No using the “D” word (divorce)

4) No threats, physical or otherwise

5) Stick to the topic at hand

6) Don’t use absolutes or accusatory language

7) Take a break when you need to


I also share about Ascension’s newest podcast, The Tightrope

Finally, we share some feedback from our recent episode about female friendships. We have a lot of thoughts and feelings about friendship! If this is something you struggle with, know you are not alone.

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