Fitting in at Church

Feel like you’re not fitting in at your parish?

Perhaps you’ve felt the temptation to be a cookie-cutter Catholic, one who does all the Catholic things that other Catholics are doing because they think … well … that’s what makes us Catholic.

But comparison is kind of like the cousin of envy, Fr. Mike says.

If we only express our faith in certain ways because that’s what other believers around us are doing, we should re-examine our relationship with Christ.

After all, he is the only one we should pattern our life after.

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  1. After my divorce, I kept my eyes focused on the altar through Christ’s life giving body and blood and God’s Word rather than on the whispers from those around me. Our Lord is my strength and my salvation. When my days have ended and I’ve sang my final song, may He turn to me and say ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’ For this is my heart’s truest of desires.


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