“A Harley Pilgrimage”

In This Episode…

Jeff Cavins introduces his new podcast and recounts the story of his 2016 Harley Pilgrimage. As he shares the challenges, dangers, and joys of traveling thousands of miles on his motorcycle with a group of Catholic men, he connects his experience to our everyday pilgrimage of faith.


-Jeff introduces his show and explains what listeners can expect to hear from him in upcoming episodes.

-Jeff tells the story of a trip he took in August of 2016—a 4,000 mile pilgrimage from Minneapolis, Minnesota, up to Alberta, Canada and back to the Twin Cities. But this wasn’t any pilgrimage—it was a group of Catholic men on motorcycles who stopped at Catholic parishes to speak with other Catholic men along the way.

-In recounting his trip, Jeff explains how he became fascinated with motorcycles from a very young age.

-He also tells the anecdote about how, in his twenties, he publicly announced to a bishop that he was leaving the Catholic Church, only to return several years later to teach fellow Catholics about the Bible and found EWTN’s “Life on the Rock.” You can find his full conversion story here.

-Hear about the most breathtakingly beautiful and breathtakingly terrifying moments during his motorcycle journey, and learn how they connect to your everyday experiences of faith.

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  1. Jeff, I’m deeply concerned with Catholics who haven’t been evangelized and Protestants, especially the so-called non-denominational Protestants who are reported to be evangelized, but obviously not catechized, how we could evangelize a world that needs both catechization and evangelization. Do you have an answer? I see the wold drifting more and more hopelessly to the Nones.

    • Great question and a very deep problem especially since the sacraments especially the Eucharist are the vital core of the church……….so very true….

    • Ron, thank you for sharing your concern and your question! I will pass it along to Jeff and add it to our list for future episodes.

      -Marisa Beyer, Podcast Producer


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