Easy Advent Ideas for Busy Moms

Happy Advent! Are you feeling too busy and overwhelmed? Here’s help! This week, I am sharing some easy Advent ideas that are practical and do-able for even the busiest of moms. 

1. Paper Chain of Prayer

Make a paper chain with a link for each day until Christmas. Write a different prayer intention  or fun activity on each link and then every day take off a link, read it, and pray for that intention or do that fun activity. It’s so simple! You can do this.

2. Use Scripture 

You might consider reading from the Bible each day, perhaps a few lines from Luke or Isaiah that are Advent or Christmas-themed. Or, memorize a passage of Scripture with your kids as a way of making God’s word about Jesus’ coming part of your heart and mind every day.

3Make a treat to save

Advent is a time of watching, waiting, and preparing for Jesus. One fun way to underscore this idea in your family is to make a Christmas treat, like candy or cookies, and freeze it to enjoy at Christmas. I mentioned my recipe for cream cheese mints as a fun and easy one to try with kids, and you can find that here. 

4. Celebrate feast days!

There are so many feasts in the season of Advent. Pick one and celebrate with a special treat or activity on that day.

  • St. Nicholas Dec 6
  • Juan Diego Dec 9
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Dec 12 
  • St. Lucy Dec 13
  • Also, consider reading the O Antiphons during the last 7 days before Christmas.

5. Make snowflakes!
Follow this easy list of instructions to make gorgeous paper snowflakes to decorate your home or just have some fun with your kids. No crafting expertise necessary!

6. Pray a Christmas Novena
There is the St. Andrew Christmas Novena that lasts through all of Advent, but you might also just pray the simpler, shorter Christmas Novena with Pray More Novenas this year.

7. Play Advent music
You might already be listening to Christmas music, but  consider adding some Advent music to your days as well. Here is an Advent playlist on Spotify that I enjoy. Do you have one you like? Send it to me!

8. Go to something at your parish

Whether it be a Reconciliation service, choir concert, craft fair, or nativity play, consider participating in something as part of your parish life this Advent season.

Listener Feedback:

This week I also answer a question from listener Nina who is exhausted from long bouts of illness with her 3 young children.

Have feedback or an idea to share? I would love to hear from you!


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