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Jun 23, 2017

Do Catholics Worship Saints?

The Ascension Team


Fr. Mike Schmitz wants to straighten out some confusion regarding Catholics’ veneration of saints. In this episode he explains how—far from being icons to worship—statues and paintings of the saints are reminders of what God can do in someone’s life, so honoring the saints doesn’t take away from the glory we give God. It actually brings him greater glory.

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    • No. You kneel only before the Lord. You respect them because they died for their faith. They are an example for all of us. I am Catholic and follow the real teachings of the church as much as I can, not what many Catholics do because of ignorance or because their parents did it at home. The same with Virgin Mary. You revere her and respect her and love her because she was chosen by God. You ONLY adore God. Mary shows this in the Wedding of Canaan. The trick here is education, not what you see in other people.

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