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Jan 3, 2019

Data-Driven Discernment

Fr. Mike Schmitz

We use data to drive many big life decisions: so why don’t we use data-driven discernment?

Fr. Mike explains that the discernment journey isn’t always about having this epiphany moment where your life’s purpose immediately becomes clear to you.

Figuring out what God’s will is for you sometimes requires a step-by-step process where you gather data, so you can come closer to the answer you’re looking for.

That’s how Fr. Mike found his vocation as a priest.

It required a lot prayer, time in adoration, talking with others, and visits to seminaries. Only once he gathered enough data to be able to “solve for x” was he certain that the priesthood was the right choice.

If you’re feeling frustrated about your discernment process, give data-driven discernment a try and realize that you’re still gathering data.

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