Confessing the Same Sins Over and Over Again

Fr. Mike discusses why confessing the same sins over and over isn’t entirely a bad thing. He also offers some ways we can make our confessions more effective in helping us avoid those same sins in the future. The practice of naming, confessing, and renouncing our sins in Jesus’ name before, during, or after confession is one suggestion Fr. Mike shares. He also encourages us to move past simply wanting forgiveness and into having true repentance so we can experience deep conversion and freedom.

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Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed
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  1. Yes, I am guilty of this and I will renounce my sins. Thank you Father!

  2. I am always searching for things that I can do to help me get the most out of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I will definitely try to remember to renounce my sins while I am in confession. I seems to me that that will be a powerful tool. One that will help me to truly mean it when I say I am sorry and I really want to sin no more. I don’t think that I hate my own sins enough. Thanks Fr Mike


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