Catholic Women in Business (with Elise Gallagher)

This week’s guest is Elise Gallagher, founder of Catholic Women in Business and founder and CEO of Ringlet Studio. Elise shares how she got started in business as well as the way her Catholic faith informs her perspective of the workplace.

Snippet from the Show
Vulnerability builds strong relationships, and strong relationships build successful companies.


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Elise Gallagher

Elise Gallagher is founder and CEO of Ringlet Studio as well as founder of Catholic Women in Business. You can also check out the newly-launched Ringlet podcast, Roll Your Way.

In this episode, Danielle and Elise discuss women in business and more specifically, Catholic women in business. Elise shares her background and what drew her to found Ringlet Studio and eventually Catholic Women in Business. Danielle and Elise share their experiences of trying to find “balance” between career and family. They share their hopes and dreams for every Catholic woman hoping to thrive in the professional world. There is so much to absorb from this encouraging and enlightening conversation!

Listener Feedback (32:22)

At the end of today’s show, Danielle answers a question from listener Chelsea who recommends the Charting Toward Intimacy podcast for anyone learning about different methods of Natural Family Planning.

You can also hear more on the topic of Natural Family Planning in this episode of Girlfriends.


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Danielle Bean

Danielle Bean is the author of many books on Catholic marriage, motherhood, and women’s spirituality, and a well-known Catholic podcaster and media figure. In all of her efforts, Danielle encourages and celebrates all women on their unique vocational paths. She is the host of the Girlfriends podcast as well as the author of Momnipotent: The Not-So-Perfect Woman’s Guide to Catholic Motherhood, Whisper: Finding God in the Everyday, and You Are Enough.

Danielle is a dynamic retreat leader and an engaging speaker on a variety of subjects related to Catholic family life, education, marriage, and motherhood. She has been married to her husband, Dan, for 26 years and together they have 8 children.

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