Avoiding Impurity

Did you know we have the ability to write our own stories? So often we consider ourselves victims of our own passions, constantly giving in to them while thinking they’re too strong. In this episode, Fr. Mike empowers us to live out the vow we make in our Act of Contrition to “avoid the near occasions of sin.” Who knows where the path of life may lead if we simply choose a path other than the one upon which we know temptation lurks?

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1 Comment

  1. Thank you Father for your practical advice!

    Could you also do a video defining and giving practical tips on avoiding sinful thoughts (particularly impure thoughts, but any type of sinful thoughts such as wrath could also be addressed)? For example:
    1) Why are thoughts sinful? (A common objection is “Well it’s just in my head so I’m not actually DOING anything or hurting anyone.”)
    2) How to tell the difference between being tempted and committing a sin in thought. With actions/words, the lines between the suggestion, then the desire, and then the willful consent to the act, are more clearly defined because of a visible external action. I think when it comes to the mind, though, these lines can become a little more blurry.
    3) What are some practical tips for avoiding or overcoming sinful thoughts?

    Thank you!


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