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May 4, 2018

5 Ways Catholics Ruin Small Groups


In this episode, we identify five major things that cause small groups to fail, and then we suggest ways to avoid those pitfalls. From losing focus on the bigger purpose of the small group to facilitation faux pas, you’ve probably seen these issues at play in a small group near you. When you’re finished listening, make sure to write to us at with your tips for a successful small group.


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  • Please describe what you mean by “Small Group.” I’m a cradle Catholic but am stumped when people use this term.
    Also, I’d like to hear more about handling situations when people arrive late to group meetings. Especially when it tends to be the same individual, (repeat offender) lol. Thanks for the podcast! Blessings+

    • Hello, small group is about 6 ladies getting together once a week to do a bible study. do you live in Villa’s of Colleyville. I am a cradle Catholic too. My e mail is please e mail me there, thank you as I rarely open this site, thank you Mary

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