Three Ways to Lead a Holistic Catholic Ministry and Life

Does feeling burned out in your personal life affect how you approach your ministry? In this episode, we discuss three important aspects of a holistic life and ministry. Discover what aspects of your life and ministry may need revitalization and then take a few simple yet practical steps to strengthen them. Any Catholic, whether a DRE, parent, or student can benefit from these helpful steps.





Three Important Aspects of a Holistic Ministry and Life


  • Relationships in Your Life


      1. Mentor
        1. A mentor is more than just a role-model.
        2. Takes a personal interest in your life and helps guide you.
      2. Peer in Ministry
        1. Does same type of ministerial work as you, but does not have a stake in your particular ministry (i.e. belongs to a different parish, campus, etc…).
      3. True Friend
        1. Someone around whom we can be authentically ourselves.
        2. Geographically proximate so that you can physically sit in each other’s presence and enjoy each other’s company.



  • Habits of Well Being


      1. Sleep
        1. How much sleep do you need to feel rested?
        2. Do you get that much sleep most nights?
        3. If you don’t get that much sleep why not? Is it under your control or not?
        4. How sustainable is the amount of sleep you are getting? When can you recharge?
      2. Nutrition
        1. What do you need to eat to take care of your body?
      3. Physical Activity
        1. In ministry our heads and hearts are used strenuously and that’s exhausting. Our bodies need to be used as extensively for mitigating stress but to also get out of our heads and hearts for a while.
        2. Evaluate what you need and build that in week to week.
      4. Prayer
        1. Carve out time to individually listen and talk to God everyday.



  • Restorative Niche Experiences that We Choose


    1. Detaching and Relaxing
      1. Detach – Don’t think about work. Leave and let go with everything that has to do with your ministerial environment, co-workers, liturgical year. Completely unplug. Do this four times during each week.
      2. Relax – You cannot actually relax if you have not detached from processing your job. Sleep, put your feet up, etc…
    2. Activity you enjoy doing and that you can achieve mastery at it.
      1. Something else you can throw yourself into besides your work.
      2. You know you found for niche when you can lose track of time doing this activity.
      3. Carve out an hour for this activity every week.
    3. Contemplation
      1. Five minutes for God each day.
      2. Make it a stilling practice, let go of things, and come into silence.
      3. This is a reaffirmation of prayer as a habit of well being.



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