How to Make Jesus Your Priority


Juggling work, family, and friends can make life feel too busy to squeeze in anything but Sunday Mass and ministry obligations. But the key to increasing your faith and bearing fruit despite all the hustle and bustle involves one simple (but difficult) change of heart. Here’s the thing: we should only have one priority, and that is Christ. Instead of trying to squeeze time with Christ into our busy lives, we should schedule the rest of our life around time spent with him. In today’s episode, Fr. Josh gives you several concrete steps you can take to make Jesus the most important relationship in your life, and explains how no matter how hard you try to serve him, you won’t be happy until you truly know him.

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  1. Wow. What a great talk. Fr Josh is terrific and gave me some good help

  2. Thank you for the podcast on making Jesus our priority. I don’t usually care for podcasts due to much of the trivial talk and not getting to the content but I intend on sharing this podcast with others. Well done!

  3. Thank you. I starting today I will schedule the rest of my life around time spent with Jesus.


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