Fr. Mike on Building a Better Relationship with Your Pastor

This week’s episode is short and sweet, but it hits on a topic many of you have written to us about—collaborating with your pastor in a healthy and constructive way. We might all want to be saints, but the reality is that none of us are yet. That means relationships with our pastors can sometimes feel rocky. As lay people, we wanted to get a priestly perspective on the topic and find out how we can do a better job communicating to, collaborating with, and serving our priests.

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  1. I loved the discussion. The one point that I think might still need further discussion is, how to just say no. In parish ministry, you are responsible to the pastor and also to the congregation. So, the majority of things that come across your desk or in your path, more than likely would benefit either one of those two entities. The pastor is overworked and burdened so, you have a desire and responsibility to help alleviate as much of that burden as possible. When he asks you to take on “one more thing”, how can you say no? Parishioners come to you with phenomenal discipleship and evangelization opportunities. Of course, you empower those people to organize things on their own but, there is always staff facilitation or involvement needed. So, you add that to your growing list of ministry tasks. This is from someone who is high in the Responsibility theme and charisms of Service, Administration and Helps.

  2. Is there an example of the 50 point work week somewhere? I love the idea!


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