4 Things a Mom Wants You to Know (with Danielle Bean)

Danielle Bean, mom of eight, served as a DRE in her parish, and because of the unique perspective she’s gained from wearing many hats, we asked her what four insights she’d like to share with you. You’ll finish this episode feeling encouraged, and you’ll have a few practical tips to bring with you to work today.

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  1. Be aware of the signs of burn-out. 
    • You are not the person who is ultimately working–the Holy Spirit can use someone else while you take a needed break.
    • Be honest and vulnerable with your pastor about what your job is costing you and your family, and set healthy boundaries.
    • Don’t be a martyr.
  2. Families need flexibility.
    • Try to build in that flexibility to your program, and when possible, schedule opportunities for whole family catechesis.
    • Be aware of the stressors–like meal-times–and if possible, offer a solution to parents.
  3. Teens and kids have different needs–don’t push them too hard to become “ambassadors.”
    • Give families the ability to pick and choose what events meet their children’s needs.
    • Don’t use a teen (or younger child), who is still impressionable, to try and minister to other teens who are dealing with very difficult and sensitive issues.
    • It is incredibly valuable to have other adults in my children’s lives who help guide them when they don’t want to listen to me!
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