Catechesis Needs Conversion (An Interview with Dr. Bob Rice)

“Catechesis,” “evangelization,” “theology”—you’ve certainly heard these terms, but what’s the relationship between them? And when it comes to catechesis, how can we make sure we lead people to deeper intimacy with Christ instead of just filling their heads with information that doesn’t affect their hearts? In this episode, Dr. Bob Rice shares advice on how to make catechesis come alive, and he reminds us that the most important ministry in our lives is the ministry God does within our hearts.

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In this episode, Dr. Bob, Allen, and Tom talk about:

  • The meaning of the term “catechesis”
  • The need to make conversion a central goal of catechesis
  • How not to do catechesis
  • Where evangelization, catechesis, and theology intersect
  • Dangerous pitfalls catechists need to avoid
  • What “balance” really means in the life of a catechist or ministry professional
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