How the Columbine Shooting Changed Our Ministry (An Interview with Jim Beckman)

Jim Beckman and Tom McCabe worked at the Catholic parish closest to Columbine High School at the time of the shooting, and they were some of the first people on the scene after gunshots were reported to them by a parishioner who lived nearby. In this episode, they share their experience of that infamous day, and they reflect on how the Columbine event fundamentally changed their approach to ministry.

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In this episode, Jim and Tom talk about:

  • What they did the day of the Columbine shooting
  • How their parish changed following the event
  • How they went about learning the name and face of every teen registered at their parish
  • Their own interactions with Dylan, one of the shooters
  • How a volunteer with an unlikely set of gifts was clearly a godsend in the aftermath of the event
Find out more about Impact Center, Jim’s outreach to ministry professionals, here.

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