7 Ways to Find Peace at Christmas

Is it even possible to find peace at Christmas when everything and everyone seems maxed out with preparations and celebrations?

Well, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace, so you can definitely find some peace this holiday season. 

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It is possible!

The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, is the source of peace that we are seeking. Connection with God is truly the only place that we find peace.

Tips to Find Peace at Christmas

1. Breathe

This is pretty basic, right? Don’t forget to breathe!

Pay attention to your breathing. Is it rapid and shallow? That means you are stressed. Calm yourself by taking some relaxing breaths, in and out slowly.

2. Go outside

Wherever you live, going outside brings fresh air to lungs and a fresh view to your eyes.

It changes your mood, wakes you up, and opens your eyes to beauty all around you. Step outside, even for just a few freezing moments – and find some peace.

3. “How” is more important than “how much”

Pay attention to your moods and the way they threaten to rob you of joy as you go about all the “busy” things on your list.

Are there some things you could do less of and enjoy more? Make that change!

4. Savor little things

What small things can bring you peace and joy?

A cup of coffee near the tree in the morning? The taste of a special treat? The smell of a candle? Savor some small pleasure.

5. Make amends with someone

Get ready for the new year by forgiving someone or letting go of bitterness you might be holding on to from the past year.

Give yourself the gift of peace and freedom by letting go and giving yourself permission to start new.

6. Pray

We are made for connection with God and so we will have no peace without him.

Find a way to add to your prayer life, despite your busyness this time of year. We are celebrating JESUS, after all.

Make some room for connection and conversation with him in your heart.

7. Spend time with people you love

It might mean turning down some invitations, but make time for those closest to you. Do something fun like enjoy a meal, make a craft, or watch a movie.

I also share feedback from listener Cassie who asked about date nights with a young family and limited budget.




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