5 Ways to Spread Joy on Valentine’s Day

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is romantic fun or an over-commercialized beast, we can use it as an opportunity to spread joy.

This holiday seems reserved for couples without kids, but celebrating love is something everyone can partake in.

So whether you celebrate on your own, with friends, a significant other, or kids, here are some ideas to spread joy on Valentine’s Day.

1. Send anonymous Valentines

Send a secret Valentine to someone who will not be expecting it. Write a note of thanks or encouragement on it and surprise them! Maybe your pastor? The old lady who works at Target? Who will you give this secret gift to?

2. Express gratitude

Think of someone in your life that you are grateful to and write them a real note of thanks. Spread the joy by thanking multiple people if you like!

3. Volunteer somewhere

Your local crisis pregnancy center or food pantry or nursing home would probably love for you to offer a few hours of your time doing whatever they need done. It could be as simple as making phone calls or making deliveries. Find out what they need and do it for them. For extra joy, bring your kids along!

4. Give anonymous service

Will you shovel your neighbor’s walkway? Do an extra chore around the house? Clean the classroom for your child’s teacher? Make this Valentine’s Day a joyful one by giving someone a gift of unexpected service.

5. Love yourself

Especially if you are tempted to throw a pity party for yourself because it’s not the Valentine’s day of your dreams, look for a way to enjoy something and love yourself a little bit. Take some time to sip a cup of tea and read a book, enjoy a special treat, watch a show you love, get your nails done, or buy yourself flowers. Whatever will make you feel loved, take the time to take care of yourself and you will be ready to spread joy to others.

Have feedback or an idea to share? I would love to hear from you!



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