5 Things Good Friends Do

Do you struggle in friendships? So many of us do. But I am a firm believer in the idea that if you want a good friend you should be a good friend. So in that spirit, this week, I am sharing five things that good friends do.

Snippet from the Show

“It’s a beautiful opportunity we have that God allows us to pray for other people. Good friends approach their relationships in prayer.”


1. Good friends pray with and for their friends.

Ask your friends how you can pray for them. If you want to grow closer to someone, consider adding their intentions to your daily prayer life. If you are longing for friends, bring that longing to your prayer life as well. Tap into the power of prayer for your growth in friendship!

2. Good friends are courageous.

They step out and make the first move. They engage others, even if it means stepping outside their comfort zones. Ask someone over for coffee or for a playdate. Be vulnerable in your conversations with friends you have already—sharing honestly about your struggles and imperfections.

3. Good friends are patient.

Especially at the start of a new friendship, good friends are patient with the time investment it takes to grow truly close to another person. Also, inside of established friendships, good friends are patient in the natural ebb and flow that happens in personal relationships.

4. Good friends are themselves.

Don’t adopt behaviors or personality traits that are outside your character in order to please someone else or fit in with a group of people you want to please. Be your authentic self as you are meant to be a gift to others, especially your friends.

5. Good friends are thoughtful.

It’s tempting to become self-focused sometimes in our relationships with others, but good friends are focused on others and their needs. Look for ways to be of service to your friends, or to those people you want to grow closer to. Even simple things like sending a note of encouragement, or remembering them on a special day can mean a lot. Find out how you can be supportive of others by focusing on small things that give meaning to your friendships.


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