5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? It can be a tricky date on the calendar for some of us who have high expectations and wind up feeling disappointed and unappreciated when things don’t go as planned. One antidote to that is to find creative new ways to celebrate love on February 14! 

In this episode, I also share feedback from Sarah who is enjoying her role as a godmother and aunt, and is beginning to work on her writing, and Sami who appreciated my book You Are Enough: What Women of the Bible Teach You About Your Mission and Worth.

Snippet from the Show

“You shouldn’t have to wait for this one day (out of 365) to feel loved and appreciated inside of your relationships.”


1. Pray for someone anonymously.

Choose someone in your life that you don’t regularly pray for and pray for them on Valentine’s day. Bonus points if you leave them an anonymous note letting them know you prayed for them.

2. Thank a priest.

Our priests need our prayers, but they also need to know how much we love and appreciate them. Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to do just that. Send a priest a note or a gift to let them know you love them, appreciate them, and are grateful for their service to the Church.

3. Visit a single person in your life (or at least send them a Valentine note). It might be the widow who lives in your neighborhood or the 20-something who goes to your church. Reach out to someone single who might be feeling lonely on a day that celebrates romantic love. 

4. Be randomly generous at a diner. 

It goes like this: Meet friends for lunch. You each bring a $100 bill. Order lunch and then when it’s time to pay, give the server all of the cash as a generous tip. You can adjust the amounts to what makes sense for you, but I love this fun and creative idea!

5. Send “I love you because” notes. 

Let your family members and friends know what you love and appreciate about them. Send small notes of appreciation for them on this day set aside for love—a great excuse to get a little mushy!



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