12 Ways to Boost Your Energy

We all have times in our lives and in our days where we feel worn out and sluggish, but today we will combat these feelings and boost our energy in simple ways!

We talk a lot about things we should spend our time and energy on, things like: hospitality, prayer, exercise, and volunteering. These are all amazing things that we should strive for, but so often our energy is put into the things we have to do, that we have so little left for the things we want to do.

We often think of the body/mind connection in terms of what the mind can do. The phrase “mind over matter” implies that we can accomplish anything, so long as we have a will of iron. But the body is important here too. Let’s talk about some of the things we can do to get our body on board with our mind and boost our energy.

Some of these things require a bit of will power at the beginning, but once you’ve started, your body will respond as well!

I also share feedback about hospitality from listener Elizabeth and some fasting support from listener Dawn who shares this link to a helpful article on the topic. Please, let’s remember to pray for Dawn as she completes the process of entering the Church this Easter!

Snippet from the Show

There are Catholic forms of meditation, like praying the Rosary and lectio divina. Relaxing your mind and letting go in that way gives you a boost in energy. Your body needs that kind of rest.


Here are my twelve ways to boost your energy:

1. Exercise.

2. Sleep well.

3. Caffeinate carefully.

4. Get a check up.

5. Drink more water.

6. Cut out sugar.

7. Get some sun.

8. Hang out with positive people.

9. Reduce screen time.

10. Smell something energizing.

11. Write stuff down.

12. Meditate and pray.

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