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May 20, 2019

Mary’s May Crowning: Part 4, the Presentation

Emily Cavins

This is the fourth part of a series that will follow the biblical story of Mary throughout May. To honor her during her month, we are diving deeper into the mysteries of the Rosary that mention Mary in the corresponding Scripture passage—thereby reflecting on the Blessed Mother’s role through the Gospels.

Need to catch up? You can find the other parts of the series here: Part One: The Annunciation, Part Two : The Visitation, Part Three: The Nativity.

The Presentation

In the fourth Joyful Mystery we see how Mary is a beautiful example of faithfulness. In the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple, we see her faithfully fulfilling all the necessary steps of a Jewish woman after giving birth to her first born son. The Law of Moses prescribed that the firstborn male needed to be redeemed by a sacrifice. This harkened to the time of the first Passover, when the angel of death passed over the houses of the Israelites who had blood from a sacrificed lamb over their doorways. Subsequently, from the time of Moses onward, the tradition of redeeming the firstborn son continued as a perpetual reminder of the saving grace of God. How fitting that Mary and Joseph brought God the Deliverer of Israel to the Temple to fulfill all righteousness.

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Just as Jesus would later be baptized by John in the Jordan, though he needed no salvation, Jesus was redeemed in the Temple as the first born son. Mary’s faithfulness to obey God’s command did not go unnoticed by Simeon and Anna, who were waiting for Mary to bring Jesus to the Temple. They knew the Temple would be the first stop for the Messiah to appear on his mission to redeem the world. Perhaps Mary entered the Temple with great anticipation. Maybe she was expecting a sign of confirmation from God during this significant ritual. She was met by two prophets, who recognized the gift she brought to the Temple and ultimately brought to the world.

But this sign would also be mingled with grief. St. John Paul II mentioned the significance of Simeon’s prophecy to Mary that “a sword will pierce through your own soul also” (Luke 2:35):

Simeon’s words seem like a second Annunciation to Mary, for they tell her of the actual historical situation in which the Son is to accomplish his mission, namely, in misunderstanding and sorrow. While this announcement on the one hand confirms her faith in the accomplishment of the divine promises of salvation, on the other hand it also reveals to her that she will have to live her obedience of faith in suffering, at the side of the suffering Savior, and that her motherhood will be mysterious and sorrowful.

— St. John Paul II, Redemptioris Mater, 16

When we go to Mass we receive this amazing gift Mary has given to us. Let us go anticipating what we can receive through the reading of the Word, prayers, and the Eucharist.


Do we present our souls to the Eucharist with the same reverence that Mary presented Jesus in the Temple?

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About Emily Cavins

Emily Cavins

Emily received her bachelor of arts degree in classical and Near Eastern archaeology from the University of Minnesota. She is a tour leader of annual pilgrimages to Israel and other Bible-related destinations. Emily is also the developer of the  Bible study resources, and co-author of The Great Adventure Storybook. She co-authored the Walking Toward Eternity Bible Study Series, Part One (Daring to Walk the Walk) and Two (Engaging the Struggles of Your Heart) with her husband, Jeff. Some of her other work includes: Great Adventure Kids, Lily of the Mohawks: The Story of St. Kateri, and Catholic Family Night, a series of lessons covering all three liturgical reading cycles with one lesson per week throughout the entire year.

Emily lives in Minnesota with Jeff, her husband of over thirty years.

This article was first published on the Ascension Blog’s former home, The Great Adventure Blog. To learn more about The Great Adventure Catholic Bible studies, click here.

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