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Nov 19, 2013

Welcome to The NEW Great Adventure Website!

Jeff Cavins

Inspirational Scripture Reflections, Testimonies, Stories and more!

You’re here because you want to read Scripture, to grow in your faith, and to fall deeper in love with Christ. Because you want to bring others to him. In addition to providing you with inspirational programs and studies, this new blog is your source for daily reflections, videos, articles, and more. Led by the best and brightest scholars in Catholic Bible study today, this blog is more than just a resource—it’s the ongoing conversation between Catholics who read God’s Word.

In the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you can join Jeff Cavins and other great scholars for quick reflections and Scripture studies.

Welcome to The Great Adventure blog!

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  • Jeff… great work! Just ONE neg… you tend to get too wordy, like AG pastors… 🙂 we are converts & did attend an AG church. Thank you!

  • Joined the Bible Timeline Bible Study a few weeks ago. Love it. It has help cement and make clear many of the stories and narrative of past Bible Studies. Thanks for such a great gift !!!

  • Warning. If you start this outstanding program DO NOT attack it every week without a break. You need perodic breaks to digest and review what you learned. At least a week break after every 3-4 weeks is my recommendation. This program is like Law school. The amount of knowledge you have poured into you is too much for most folks. So, take it easier, and you will absolutely love the course.

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