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Nov 7, 2013

Life Is Like a Mist

Jeff Cavins

We hear it all the time: life is short. But how short is our life when compared to eternity? And how do we make the most of our time here on earth? Jeff Cavins discusses our lives in light of the epistle by St. James.

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  • I have been following Jeff for a number of years and will continue to do so via this new blog. He’s a wonderful and inspirational speaker, God Bless him.

  • We are completing the last session of the Great Adventure tonight ( this is the second time we’re running it) and had spent the weekend visiting friends and family members who are ill, especially with cancer. This video on Life is Like a Mist is so appropriate and timely for me and I look forward to sharing it with the rest of my group tonight. Thank you, Jeff and God Bless your work!

  • Your analogy is perfect! Our concept of time is so different from our Creator’s concept of time, that is, if He has one.
    I occasionally look upon the human race as being part of many enormous rocks that have been reduced to sand pebbles from the relentless ocean waves, attempting to break the rocks (clans, families, wholesome groups, etc.) down. When the rocks become the pebbles of sand, they stand alone, not together as a solid rock in the past.
    That is where the evilness separates us more than ever as it takes it’s shape in so many forms. My problems become my own and I do not share; my faith becomes locked inside of me because I dare not let it out for fear of someone taking it away from me or worse, question me about my faith, as talking about religion is frowned upon at the workplace and I get scared; therefore I am one of those pebbles.
    With these thoughts that occur semi regularly with me, I have learned that I am going about any type of healing in the wrong way. I have learned so much not to internalize but to proclaim that I am human and need help from above and from fellow Catholics.
    With studying the Bible, I can gain more knowledge and understanding about letting go of fear and pride.(Pride because I think I can handle everything!)
    I anxiously await the Bible Study. I an eager to learn more.

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