Four Ways to Overcome Sin

Fr. Mark-Mary points to four areas of influence in our lives that have the power to help us overcome sin. When one or more of these four things change, the way we act usually changes as well.

If you’re struggling to overcome sin or just to break a bad habit, consider initiating smaller changes in one or more of these areas:

  • The Intellect: What new truths are you grabbing? What lies are you letting go?
  • The Will: How are you denying yourself pleasures or committing to something to strengthen your will?
  • The Passions: How are you paying attention to your desires, and keeping the disordered desires in check?
  • The Environment: How are you creating an environment for yourself which will protect you from sin?

If you’re trying to leave sin behind, what has changed? By initiating change in one or more of these four areas, your Lent will be much more than a perfunctory time of arbitrary religious commitment. It will be a time when you invite God to transform your life.

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