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Sep 27, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Aly Aleigha

Musical artist Aly Aleigha plays her song, Awestruck, and discusses the mission behind her music, which is to bring people hope amidst adversity. Find out more about Aly at

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by Aly Aleigha

A warm wind blows gently from the hillside
The birches and the pines stand strong and green
Their branches sway so tenderly in the sunlight
Like they’re dancing with the waters of the sea

Like fingertips your breath glides across it
The glassy waters ripple at your touch
I marvel while all creation stands in glory
Harmoniously existing, I feel a rush of something
Swelling up inside, reviving what has died
Inviting me to join


You’re taking my breath away with every glance
Your surpassing beauty offers me a chance to share in it myself, but I am unworthy
Oh I’m so unworthy
And I’m awestruck by this radiant light
The shadows that once enveloped me flee with all their might in this glorious springtime
Your dawn, my delight

What can compare to my beloved?
The glaciers and canyons all fall short
I believe every mountain would crumble
The very earth would split apart without your support




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