Artist Spotlight: Aly Aleigha

Musical artist Aly Aleigha plays her song, Awestruck, and discusses the mission behind her music, which is to bring people hope amidst adversity. Find out more about Aly at Click here for more Artist Spotlight videos.  Awestruck by Aly Aleigha A warm wind blows gently from the hillside The birches and the pines stand … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Autumn Irlbeck

Singer, songwriter Autumn Irlbeck shares a heart-to-heart moment, and tells a story about her experience of God’s love, which she noticed in a profound way on a Good Friday not long ago. She ends with a powerful solo acoustic song that proves how God can touch our souls unlike anything else. You can find more … Continued

Artist Spotlight: His Own

The musicians of His Own perform one of their praise and worship songs, while sharing their mission. Find out more about their ministry at

Anthony Visco: Spotlight of a Vocational Artist

Church artist Anthony Visco talks about the many aspects of religious art that have inspired him to make it his vocation. He encourages young artists to never be dissuaded, and to always imitate their Creator in their work.

Spotlight of a Calligrapher

Designer and calligrapher, Erica Tighe, of Be a Heart shares a story of personal transformation that took place through the development of her artistic talents. Erica is the owner and designer of Be A Heart. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from DePaul University in Chicago, moved to Brazil to work for … Continued

A ‘New Savvy’ Emerges from Young Adult Catholics

It has been more than fifty years since Bishop Fulton J. Sheen captured the attention of television viewers throughout the nation with his dynamic presence, wit, and wisdom. These days, with the possible exception of comedians like Stephen Colbert and Jim Gaffigan, the idea of an American Catholic commanding such a broad primetime television audience is … Continued

Catch the Latest from Fr. Mike, Jeff Cavins, and Others

Take a look at Ascension’s latest videos, podcasts, and articles below. Explore new content from established Catholic artists and emerging talents, all here in one spot. Revisit whenever you have the chance, and you’ll be sure to discover new material on our media page. Ascension Presents Fr. Mike Schmitz Why Joy Is More Christian … Continued

What the Best-Selling Novels of the 2010s Reveal about Our Culture

The last decade will undoubtedly be remembered for its fascination with fantasy fiction, and in a world facing the turmoil ours saw in the 2010s, this does not seem in the least bit surprising. The beauty contained in well-written fantasy gives us so much of what our souls crave. A careful Catholic, however, might meet this … Continued