Is It Loving to Judge?

Are we allowed to judge others? Dr. Sri points out the difference between making judgements and judging someone’s soul. He shows how one is required of love and the other is for God alone.

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Do you love the people in your life enough to show them the better way?



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Luke 6:47: “Do not judge…”

There is a Bible verse that many are familiar with from Luke 6:47. In it, Christ says, “Do not judge, lest you be judged.” You may have heard this Bible verse used as a defense for why no one should be allowed to judge others. That it is not within anyone’s right to judge another person’s actions or decisions as right or wrong. It is true that we should never judge someone’s soul. However, does this mean that we can never judge?

Different Types of Judgement

We were given a mind and God wants us to use it. In and of itself, judging is not a bad thing. We use judgement in order to decide whether or not we need a coat when we go outside. When trying to figure out the best route to a destination, we use our judgement. And sometimes, we judge others’ actions/decisions. Still, there is a significant difference between making a judgement and judging someone’s soul.

Making a Judgement vs. Judging Someone’s Soul

When hiking with his family in the Rocky Mountains, Dr. Sri noticed that his young daughter was getting a little too close to the edge of a cliff. He judged her actions as potentially harmful and dangerous and knew it was important that he say something to her. In this way, Dr. Sri was not judging his daughter’s soul but instead observed her actions and determined that they were not good for her. This example extends into many other situations. Using the mind God gave us, we are able to judge the actions of people in our lives and determine whether they are morally good or not. We can recognize the potential harm it could cause them. We cannot judge their souls because only God knows their souls. Also, we probably do not know the fullness of this person’s story and what they have gone through in life.

How to Judge with Love

It is good to use our judgement and use it to determine the right or wrong actions of the people around us. This does not mean though that we should bluntly or arrogantly share these judgments with the individual in question. Nor should we stay silent. To love someone means to will their good. When seeking to correct anyone, we ought to speak with love, humility, gentleness, and compassion. We must nurture that relationship and work to share the love of God with them. It is essential that we share the Truth.

Indifference Is Not Love

Our world today wants us to silence our witness. We live in a “cancel culture.” However, we cannot live in fear of speaking the truth. The culture tries to tell us that speaking out is divisive. And yet, it is the exact opposite. If we are indifferent to the people around us, we are not loving them. We are called to love no matter what – even if we disagree.

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