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Aug 8, 2019

7 in 10 Catholics Don’t Believe in the Real Presence. How Do We Feel about That?

The Ascension Team

A recent Pew survey found that seven in ten U.S. Catholics believe the bread and wine at Communion are only symbolic of Jesus’ Body and Blood. We asked our Facebook audience how they feel about that, and here’s how they responded:

Bill McKenna (119 likes):

Saddened but it shows the need for better catechesis and I think [that] includes more frequent instruction on the Eucharist from the altar.

Rachel Stella (89 likes):

Even the best catechesis at the parish level doesn’t help if people don’t actually *participate in their parish.* So yes, I’m all for better teaching, but people actually have to *go to church* AND teach the faith at home.

Lois L. Gafford (58 likes):

I believe it is the precious blood and body of Christ. How can a person be Catholic and not believe that?

Jennifer Riedel (45 likes):

Why would they be at Mass then, for the air conditioning? I’d also like to know who they were surveying—devout, regular participants of the Mass or cousin Tyrone who toddles in every Easter to make Grandma happy?

Ann Duffy Kuhlman (38 likes):

Sad, because those that think the body and blood of Jesus are only symbols are missing out on so much.

These are just the top five responses we received. If you’d like to read more (there are over 250 comments), visit the thread on our Facebook page

What are your thoughts on the Pew survey? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Sadly I didn’t really think about it until I came back into the church as a young adult. Through bible study and eventually teaching second graders the catechism I had a profound revelation. Now I am very aware, when I receive holy communion, of the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist. It has encouraged me to go to confession more often because I want to receive Him worthily.

  • Can we all just admit that Vatican II has failed the faithful? It’s been over 50 years folks and the numbers have only gotten worse and worse. Let’s get some perspective here and everyone wake up. Novus Ordo is a disaster. Change my mind.

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