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Apr 21, 2019

Resurrection Day

David Kilby

I can feel the world changing and see the dawning of new life.
The Son is risen! If it’s really true we’ve the world to tell.
By this joy, meaning is given to all our unanswered strife.
My spirit rings as this Resurrection Day tolls the church bell! 

Has there ever been, might I ask, will there ever again be
a miracle so defiant to the tried laws of nature?
While reconciling us with Him in such true harmony,
we’re made a worthy bride for our undeniable Maker.

I ran to where they lay Him like a child on his Easter trail,
but my quest ended with a discov’ry bringing great despair.
I came to the place and saw rolled away the heavy stone veil,
and was grieved to see my Lord and Savior was no longer there.

But why do I look for Him among the dwellings of the dead?
Why do I still search for Him among my grave of small sorrows?
When daily minute troubles ail me, I’ll be fine when suns set,
since the Son rose so we may know the sun will rise tomorrow.

This poem was first published on The Great Adventure Blog in 2015.

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