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Sep 2, 2015

These 3 Plans Will Transform Your Parish

The Great Adventure

Bring Your Entire Parish Family Closer to Christ

ParishWhether your parish already has a well established culture of Bible study and Catholic faith formation or is just starting out, having a plan is key. The effect on your parish can be astonishing, especially when you see how quickly studies can bear fruit.

3 Plans to Transform Your Parish

These plans include five short studies perfect for those who may not yet be ready for a full-length Bible study. The studies complement and build on each other, with a special focus on life application and daily faith integration that will meet your parishioners where their daily struggles and needs encounter the gospel.

A single study, no matter how good it might be, simply is not capable of spiritually reigniting a parish. Having a second study announced and in place, is the key to building continuity. This might be as simple as announcing a fall and spring schedule.

To transform the parish, we start by identifying long term formation goals, so that your parish is continually growing along a planned path. It is very important for your plan to have a sequence of studies lined up.

Plan A:

For parishes who have done Unlocking the Mystery or are more interested in beginning with prayer or the Mass:

Plan B:

  • Start with the Oremus
  • Continue with A Biblical Walk Through the Mass

Plan C:

  • Start with the 8-part Walking Toward Eternity 1 and /or 2 (for parishes which have already done Unlocking the Mystery)
  • Continue with Oremus

Make this fall season a time for revitalization at your parish. Our team of dedicated and experienced Study Consultants is ready to give you one-on-one help to get you started at no charge. Call 1-800-376-0520.

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