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May 22, 2015

NCBC 2015 is coming June 19-20!

Thomas Smith

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Thomas Smith, presenter of The Prophets and member of The Great Adventure Bible Timeline team encourages people to attend the National Catholic Bible Conference at Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, Pa. June 19-20.

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  • BOYCOTT THE FESTIVAL! As caretakers of the Czestochowa cemetery, the new management of the Pauline Fathers at Czestochowa should be ashamed of themselves. They are sterilizing, desecrating, and destroying the cemetery with callous and fascist rules regarding “no cemetery decorations other then holidays”. For 50 long years this was NEVER enforced, ever since the cemetery began in 1966. Therefore, thousands of cemetery plot purchasers over the years bought their plots on THAT very basis, on THOSE very terms, with THOSE very expectations. But NOW, you are now putting a stake through the hearts of often-elderly wives and husbands and sons and daughters who lovingly visit and tend to gravesites of their departed relatives; you are callously hurting and dismissing and denying people who simply want to maintain a connection, ANY connection, with their departed loved ones — this, by simply leaving a few artificial flowers, mementos, small shrubs, or evergreens next to a gravestone. YOU –the newly installed management of the Pauline Fathers at Czestochowa cemetery are truly heartless hypocrites —despite and contrary to all your pious and high-sounding claims of love and charity and kindness from the pulpit. You are making OUR Czestochowa into a sterilized Disneyland busine$$. Remember this: Cemeteries are just as much for the LIVING, as for those interned there. With these arbitrary and fascistic edicts you hurt and harm those who visit their loved ones, you desecrate their connections and memories of those who lie there. Have you no shame somewhere in your cold hearts, Pauline Fathers? Can you only see dollar signs? Have you become that blind?

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