Will My Pet Be in Heaven?

The question addressed in this video runs much deeper than the cartoon classic All Dogs Go to Heaven. Fr. Mike ventures into the theology of the matter, even taking some words of wisdom from St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Paul—who says in Romans 8, that creation will “share in the glorious freedom of the children of God.” But Fr. Mike also redirects our interest in heaven, helping us focus on embracing Someone far greater than our beloved pets.



  1. Belinda Lehmkuhle

    Hi Fr. Mike. Thought you’d like to know that both my cats are both very Cat-holic…. They love to sit with us when we pray the rosary and even like to reach for the beads to pray with us! True story–we went to our first Tenebrae service at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Round Rock Texas a few years ago. As we were leaving a lovely tabby was at the church door wanting to go in. We did not let her in, but later asked the church secretary if she needed a home. They were feeding her, but were worried that with all the traffic in the parking lot she might get hurt. So, we “adopted” her and named her Vianney. When we got her home, we realized that she has a lovely cross on her back (in her stripes-see attached photo). But there is more…. when I got to work, I opened up my computer and there on my desktop was a holy card image of St. Philomena. I had heard of St. Philomena, but did not know much about her so of course I looked her up and discovered that St. John Vianney had a strong devotion to St. Philomena. So, we gave Vianney a middle name (Philomena). Lol–sounds like a Texas tall tale even to me, but every word is truth! Just thought you’d enjoy our story.

    • Lucia826

      St. Francis of Assist smiles upon you, I’m sure! 😉

      • Belinda Lehmkuhle

        I hope so–as I love him dearly! And, I sure hope St. John Vianney and St. Philomena don’t mind my naming my kitty after them! I love them so much too and remember them every time I call my kitty. Plus, I’ve had the added blessing of being able to “evangelize” a little when people who don’t know these great saints ask about where she got her name.

  2. Lydia Greco

    So I guess if I want my parents and other deceased family members and friends, as well as my pets, to share Heaven with me, I’m not ready for Heaven? IMHO, there’s a part of God in every creature that He created and it’s that part of each creature that the God in me loves, so why would we all not come together as part of God at the end of time: parents, pets, family members? What happened to “let heaven and nature sing?”

    • kdonajk

      You did not hear clearly what Fr. Mike had to say: “it is not that you love others less but that you love God more…” Nor did he say “you should not want others to share heaven.” “If you love your father or mother more than you love me, you are not worthy of being mine; or if you love your son or daughter more than me, you are not worthy of being mine.” Matthew 10:37

  3. Lucia826

    Great little talk, Father. I do believe, however, that regardless of how much we recognize Thomas Aquinas as a Doctor of the Church, he was a fallible human. He struggled with “when is a baby (fetus) a baby” — i.e., ensoulment if you will. We also must respect that Thomas lived in HIS OWN ERA and should be judged by the circumstances of history. Perhaps Thomas, an undeniably brilliant person, might have seen things a bit differently were he a product of more modern times. Was he not also the rather rotund person, who maybe we can ask: Will we have our favorite food in the New Earth?” Once I attain Heaven and am part of the new Jerusalem (God willing!) I will, then–logically– be in that perfect place, no? So then my pooches (past and present) and my little finch who lived to be 14 years old will be there too, Perhaps how I relate to them (and they to me) may well be different. Now, let’s consider St. Francis of Assisi…since animals are INNOCENT by their nature, why would Francis bless them? I think because, in his own wonderful humility and simplicity–he knew that we needed them to be blessed to help US as their stewards. Each of us has a special placed in creation.
    By the way, I certainly already love my daughter and my 4 grandchildren more than I love any creature–dogs or otherwise–BUT it is through my (hopefully) giving heart to ALL of these, that I am made a better mother, grandmother and animal steward. God does not, as the old 60s saying went, make any junk. We must all be cautious as to how casually we might toss aside ANY living thing. I see that many who would abort a baby will go beyond all reason to save a cat, dog, whatever. I love St. Thomas in many ways…but I prefer less books and more simplicity. Perhaps we can ask St. Thomas his opinion on cannoli… All in good spirit, Father, and always in faith. I loved your own answer best.

  4. Belinda Lehmkuhle

    Horses! I guess there are horses in heaven — since there are horsemen and since fiery horses came down with a chariot for Elijah! (Okay, maybe that is poetic language, but maybe not!)

  5. Carolyn Mora

    Father Mike…I love your videos….That said…..I don’t know how much time you’ve spend with animals….living with them….they are the purest spirits on Earth. They are the first to have their hearts beat in time to our Lord’s. (in my humble….). and I just know that our Anny who passed is playing with a whole bunch of child angels in Heaven and sitting and the foot of our Lord. Yes, it’s only in my heart….but I believe my heart is within the heartbeat of God……:) Be Well!

  6. Gina

    Beautiful explanation of pets and heaven. God before all

  7. ceci

    Thx Fr. Mike!

  8. Tracy Thorne

    Thanks so much for yet another great video in which you provide nuanced and balanced contradistinction. What a rarity. Blessings.

  9. Todd Seiler

    The bottom line is “we just don’t know”. If was never divinely revealed to us by God. But there are a few things we do know about God he did reveal to us. God was specifically worried about us getting to heaven, not animals. God is merciful. God creates good things and loves us. We love animals, so it’s safe to say God does too because he is also human and has human feelings. I wouldn’t worry about fluffy simply because God didn’t seem to and we can trust his feelings more than our own. That does not mean he doesn’t care though.

  10. Christy Read

    Thanks again so much….I am still grieving from my dog’s death and a 6 year separation from my beloved tortoise…..it seems silly to some people…but I often get mad and sad ……as a single person our bond was major…and quite frankly I always loved being around people who could treat us respectfully…as a family….but unfortunately for me my relatives did not see things that way. I just get so frustrated because I gave up everything to be here for them in hard times and now that they are ok no one cares….and sadly I am not as nice as a person as I once was….and still without a dog…..even though we had to move around all the time as long as we were together I never felt homeless….now I feel just like the scared feral dog I once took care of….but knowing she will be with me heaven makes things easier.


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