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Jun 21, 2019

Why Should Christians Fast?

Wellness practitioner Jackie Mulligan joins Brother Elijah and Father Mark-Mary to discuss the spiritual and physical benefits of fasting. Why should Christians fast? Here are two of the reasons discussed in this video:

  1. It cultivates and sustains intimacy with God.
  2. It makes our intentions amazingly powerful (see Mark 9:29).

Jackie says, “We rarely ever grow when we’re comfortable.” So if you’re at the point where you want to go deeper in your spiritual life and establish a more intimate relationship with God, try a fast.

If you have tried fasting (for more than just Ash Wednesday and Good Friday) but feel like you’re losing sight of the benefits, this video is a great reminder of those benefits.

If you are certain you don’t like fasting, have tried it and feel like it doesn’t help you, or think it’s a silly idea and have no interest in being convinced otherwise, then this video is not for you.

To learn more about Jackie’s Reform Wellness program, visit

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