Why I Go to a Byzantine Church, and Other Questions

Matt Fradd explains why he attends a Byzantine Church, even though he was brought up Roman Catholic.

He was interested in the Eastern Church, but it wasn’t until he met a priest from a nearby Byzantine Church that he and his family decided to check it out, and they’ve been going ever since.

Matt and his wife have even had their children receive the sacraments there.

He gives some powerful reasons for why we shouldn’t look at the Western (Roman Catholic) Church as any better or worse than the Eastern (Byzantine) Church.

St. John Paul II put it best when he said, “the Church must breathe with her two lungs!”

Matt also suggests books for Catholics who consider themselves novices in the Faith (see below) and reacts to a comment that was–to put it mildly–not so nice.

Suggested reading for “novice” Catholics:

Books that led Matt to the Byzantine Rite:

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