Where is Lent in the Bible?

Just about any question you might have about Lent is answered in this video. Fr. Mike explains where the observance of Lent came from (the Bible), clarifies why Catholics observe the season, and shares how it can make a difference in our lives.

Fr. Mike’s videos are now available as podcasts at www.ascensionpresents.com/podcasts.


  1. Joyce Roy

    Love the explanations of the Catholic celebrations; in connection with the Bible. I am a RCIA Catholic, and love my Catholic Church. With the help of Father Michael, I learn more about my faith every day. Thank you so much for your great videos.

  2. Teresa Gorrell

    #AskFrMike Can you explain the Catholic Church’s teaching on annulments? Do you think annulments are sometimes the cop-out excuse for Catholic couples to legitimize a divorce?

  3. BetsyandFidencio Cardenas

    Thanks, Father Mike, as always answered with love and grace!

  4. Libby Evans Hyland

    Thank you, Father Mike, for your excellent explanation on the meaning of Lent. The light of Christ shines brightly through you.


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