What To Do After You Fall into Sin

The temptation to sin doesn’t end after we give into it. In fact, as Fr. Mark-Mary describes, the fall into sin is afterwards matched in intensity by the temptation to wallow in our sin, and stay in an unforgivable state; unforgivable not because God can’t forgive us, but because we think there’s no way he possibly can after what we’ve done—so we don’t ask for forgiveness. Or, as an alternative, the evil one will tempt us to commit the sin again while believing it doesn’t matter because we already did it anyway.

Fr. Mark-Mary encourages us to take a different path, and choose God’s mercy instead.

He tells us to not be like Judas, who let his sin take over—leading to his death; but to be like Peter who begged for forgiveness and received it from the resurrected Jesus.

The devil will have us believe our sin is too great to overcome, but there’s a reason why we call God’s mercy divine—because it surpasses human understanding.

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