What is Stopping You from Becoming a Saint?

Becoming a saint is possible, but there may be something holding you back.

It may seem too difficult, or even unrealistic, to strive for sainthood today. The reality is though, a saint is simply someone who has conformed their will to the Father’s will rather than the spirit of the age.

When we think of it this way, it’s easier to see the possibilities.

Fr. Mike mentions three popular mentalities that prevent us from sainthood:

  1. Our hearts want instant gratification, while becoming like Christ is a process. Fr. Mike’s advice is learn to love the process.
  2. We like keeping our options open, but instead we should be giving everything to Christ.
  3. We lack a fighting spirit. A saint needs a willingness to fight the good fight, especially when the spiritual battle is hardest.

Fr. Mike makes it abundantly clear that the only thing preventing us from sainthood is ourselves, because God’s grace is enough.

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