What Happens When You Stop This Toxic Habit? (feat. Nell O’Leary)

Should you spill the tea? Is it really that bad to share a little piece of gossip once in a while?

Today Nell O’Leary, wife and mother, challenges us to look at our lives and see if the toxic behavior and spiritual vice of gossip is overshadowing all the beautiful ways God reveals his love for you.

The taste of gossip or having an inside scoop can be delicious in our mouths, but this behavior is often a secret cry for validation. Whether you’re sharing a grievance or a judgment, passing along someone’s story that isn’t yours to share takes away from the opportunity to share genuinely what God is doing in your own story.

Practicing keeping your heart open to goodness and putting an end to the tendency for negativity makes for a more joyful and fulfilling life.