Understanding the Virgin Mary w/ Dr. Scott Powell

The tale of Christ’s life is widely recognized, but have you ever considered it from the perspective of his mother? Although the Blessed Virgin Mary may not occupy a prominent voice in Scripture, she maintains a significant presence beside her Son throughout the New Testament. Delving into the events of Jesus’ life, as witnessed by Mary, reveals unique insights. Dr. Scott Powell joins Jeff Cavins as they journey through the Messianic Fulfillment period. Together, they offer a deeper comprehension of Christ’s life by examining it through the lens of the Blessed Mother.

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Located in Champion, Wisconsin, the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion is an international pilgrimage destination for the faithful to deepen their relationship with Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1859, the Blessed Mother visited a Belgian immigrant woman named Adele Brise, identifying herself as the “Queen of Heaven” and instructing Adele to offer her communion for the conversion of sinners and to teach the children what they should know for salvation. To this day, the National Shrine preserves the hallowed ground where the Blessed Mother appeared, offering a refuge for those seeking peace and spiritual healing. To learn more about Our Lady’s Apparition in Champion, or to plan your visit to the Shrine, visit Championshrine.org.