The Early Church vs. the Church Today w/ Michael Gormley

The Acts of the Apostles grants us a glimpse into the first stages of Christianity, observing the formation of the Early Church. The scriptural passages recount miracles, significant conversions, and the fervent work of passionate evangelists, unmistakably guided by the movement of the Holy Spirit. As we contemplate the state of the Church today, do we still perceive the evident presence of the Holy Spirit? Are miracles and conversions still part of our collective experience?

In a thoughtful discussion, Jeff Cavins and Michael Gormley delve into the parallels and distinctions between the Early Church and the contemporary Catholic Church. Their reflections prompt us to consider the Church’s evolution, underscoring the lasting significance of permitting the power of God to manifest through each one of us. Let us, too, be open vessels for the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit within the Church today.