Save Yourself from Helplessness

When life throws challenge after challenge at us, it is easy to just give in and think we are helpless. In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz offers an uplifting message for those tough times. No matter how dire the circumstances, with God’s grace, there is always something we can do.



  1. Jacqueline Fitzgerald

    Fr.Mike, I like your in-between realistic view of the world and internal perspective within. We all need to be reminded to that of the armour of light can grace upon us the beauty of his will. The steps to that guides us and keeps us in his graces. Will also protect us allowing us to feel this power of self in the I AM within. Your words of absolute … give strength and knowledge in that power. Enduring Light and Prayers upon you~ God Bless!

  2. Joselyn

    Your videos are infinite times better than any therapy session and they’re free!!! God bless!

  3. Christy Read

    Wow….now that is inspiring!

  4. Katherine Moore

    I showed my mom your video about suicide. (I love your videos, btw..). But she thought you speak too fast…lol!


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