Relationship Red Flags: Catholic Edition

When the “love goggles” are on during dating, you can get so excited and optimistic that you can miss some red flags. Or even worse—you can miss absolute deal breakers until the break up is excruciating. But if you’re trying to be discerning, how do you tell the difference between incompatibilities like those and just being “picky”? It can be so confusing!!

Today, Lillian Fallon lays out a bit of advice on troubleshooting relationship problems and encourages us to be honest and communicative before cutting things off hurts even more.

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 Glorify God through Your Personal Style

Theology of Style: Expressing the Unique and Unrepeatable You helps women understand the power of personal style and unite how they dress with their Catholic Faith through heartfelt anecdotes, humorous stories, and profound insights from St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

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