Joy in the Waiting | Third Week of Advent (Year A) (feat. Sr. Josephine Garrett)

Waiting is difficult. Waiting is something no one likes doing. By seeking to understand what it is about waiting we dislike, Sr. Josephine shows us how waiting can be something that we treasure. We can know joy, hope, and peace despite the “mess” of our lives and we can be confident that God is working even when we can’t see how.

Pray the “Litany of Waiting” that Sr. Josephine composed especially for this program and allow yourself to work through the fears surrounding waiting and offer them to God.

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Rejoice! An Advent Pilgrimage into the Heart of Scripture, Year A is a prayer resource that offers daily reflections on the Sunday mass readings that will help you enter more deeply into the season of Advent. Together with the weekly videos, this journal will help you to grow in your understanding and appreciation for the incredible gift of Christ’s Incarnation. As you slow down and meditate on the readings each week, you’ll find your experience of Advent transformed. By contemplating the coming of the Prince of Peace at Christmas, you’ll find your own heart filled by his peace and joy.

Experience a More Meaningful Advent Than Ever Before

This year’s Advent pilgrimage (for the busy Catholic) will bear fruit in your life as Jesus comes to live more fully in your heart, and you experience greater joy and peace throughout the Advent season and beyond.

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