How to Pray with Scripture Like a Friar

Fr. Mark-Mary calls lectio divina “encountering the fire” because this devotion has the power to burn away our sins and enkindle our virtues. In this video, he tells us how he does lectio divina. If you want to pray with scripture like a friar, try following these steps.

Things you will need: A Bible, a pen and paper, and a quiet place.

How to pray with scripture (lectio divina) like a friar:

  1. Chill out, relax. Take some deep breaths.
  2. Read some go-to Scripture verses that inspire you. Pray for God to open your heart.
  3. Read a Scripture passage that’s 10-12 verses long three times. Fr. Mark-Mary recommends the Church’s Gospel for the day. Write down questions that arise when you are reading.
  4. Focus in on a passage that’s two to three verses long, a passage that speaks to you or strikes you in some way. Read it a few more times.
  5. Focus in on an even smaller passage that you can commit to memory. Read it over a few more times and really chew on it.
  6. Meditatio – Pray to the Lord. Be honest with him. Tell him what you’re really thinking, how the Scripture passage impacts you, or how it doesn’t.
  7. Contemplatio – Listen. Bask in the Lord’s word and presence.

Fr. Mark-Mary teaches us that we are supposed to not just read God’s word, but live in it. The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal hope these steps enrich your prayer life and relationship with God.

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