Hope in the Face of Grief and Loss (feat. Kendra Tierney)

Grief and loss are a part of nearly everyone’s life. We may experience deep suffering, like wanting to be married but not finding a spouse. Or losing a spouse to an early death. Maybe you’ve experienced the loss of a child, a miscarriage, or the struggle with infertility.

It can feel frustrating when others respond, “Well, God has a plan.” Indeed, he does have a plan, but where does this suffering fit into that plan? Today, Kendra Tierney, a mother of 10 and a recent widow, shares her own honest experience of navigating loss and grieving the life that she now doesn’t have after the loss of her husband.

Kendra is a “mother of many” living just outside of Los Angeles, CA. She started Catholic All Year as a way to share the practice of celebrating the liturgical year in the home, and getting to know the saints and seasons of the Church calendar through food, prayer, and conversation.

If you’d like her guide to liturgical living, it’s available in book form in The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real Life and The Catholic All Year Prayer Companion: The Liturgical Year in Practice, both of which you can find at https://www.CatholicAllYear.com