God’s Greatest Act of Mercy

Did you know that the entire Bible is a love story? Fr. Chris Alar, MIC breaks down God’s three great acts of mercy—and explains to us the incredible gift of God’s greatest act of mercy.

Ascension is delighted to collaborate with the Fr. Chris and the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception on the development of a new, one of a kind Bible for Catholics: the Divine Mercy Catholic Bible

Divine Mercy is a gift given to us by God. Devotion to Divine Mercy has been growing through the revelations to St. Faustina and the modern-day ministry of St. John Paul II. What Catholics may not realize is that the revelation of Divine Mercy is interwoven into the Bible.

The Divine Mercy Catholic Bible clearly shows the astounding revelation of Divine Mercy amidst the timeless truths of Sacred Scripture. This Bible is edited and compiled by several Marians of the Immaculate Conception — including Fr. Chris Alar, Fr. Donald Calloway, and Fr. Seraphim Michalenko — and other authors to explain how God encounters us with mercy through his Word and sacraments.

Reading this Bible will help transform your mind, heart, and soul as you discover the overwhelming love God has for you.